Fiber: Sources and Benefits

As useless as it might seems to be, fiber is the main nutrient found in plant foods. When we talk of fiber, we talk of its benefits on mostly digestion, and others.

Fiber is simply a non-digestible carbohydrates in foods. It is different from other diets because while other food undergo the process of digestion and leaving the friendly bacteria in the gut a small amount of food for metabolism, fibre moves directly to the gut without the process of digestion, thereby being a very good nutrients mainly for the digestive system. Though other systems of the body share in its benefits too.

There are two types of fibre soluble and insoluble fibre soluble fibre as the name implies how fibre which are soluble in water and it mixes with water to form gel which slows digestion process when it mixes with digestive foods down the stomach for digestion thereby increasing weight loss insoluble fibre on the other hand repels water and serves mostly as water absorber in the gods which herbs in the easy passage of stool from the large intestine.


Beans, oats, nuts, whole grain foods, vegetables and fruits.

Health Benefits

1. Weight Loss:

Fiber intake, helps in slowing digestion and absorbing water in the large intestine, thereby contributing to weight loss. The continuous intake of fiber and due to its inability to digest, helps to burn calories while it absorbs water while passing through the gut, thereby also contributing to weight loss.

2. Regulate Blood Sugar:

One of the health benefits of fiber is its ability to regulate blood sugar by slowing down the absorption of sugar in the blood stream. It is only food with high amount of fiber have this quality.

3. Gut Health:

This is the central benefit of fiber. Of course, most of the benefits of fiber starts in the gut, including the absorption of water to aid in the free movement of stool out of the large intestine to avoid constipation. Fiber also helps to promote regular bowel movement and encourages and strengthens the healthy gut bacteria for proper body metabolism.

4. Heart Health:

Countless studies have found that fiber also benefits the heart as well. Due to its ability to lower the bad cholesterol and regulating blood pressure, fiber seems to be a good diet for the heart.

As you are planning on increasing your fiber intake or consumption, also be aware that more than 68g of fiber per day can cause constipation, bloating and irregular gasing.


  1. Excellent and very well researched article on the importance of fiber in our daily diet. Your health blogs are very good, precise and I love reading them.

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