Health Benefits of Bitter Kola

With a big choice of various herbs and other natural products full of vitamins and useful minerals, Nigerians can eat more healthy foods than regular and often unhealthy fast food and store products. For example, popular kola nut can increase your energy levels; treat fever and other health issues. So let us learn about health benefits of bitter kola nut with the leaves in some cases.

Talking of the taste, the name explains it all. Also known as Garcinia Kola, It has high proportion of carbohydrate, fat, protein, vitamin C, calcium, potassium, iron and Caffeine.

Bitter Kola not just comprises of many health benefits, but also spiritual benefits too. Traditionally, it is regarded as a very potent medicine which is applied in almost all essential life endeavors, both physical and spiritual. But this research is based only on only the health benefits of bitter kola which includes:


Consuming bitter kola can help in boosting sexual abilities such as desire and performance. Some people Naturally, have low libido or the inability of satisfying their partner sexually. But the presence of the wonders of bitter kola seems to be a lasting solution.


Bitter Kola improves the ventilation levels of the respiratory system, thereby protecting the body against respiratory disorder through the help of Saponin which helps in cell reinforcement, for the betterment of the respiratory functionality of the lungs.


According to the Oxford Languages on Google, Glaucoma is a condition of increased pressure within the eyeball, causing gradual loss of sight. A study in the Middle East African Journal of Ophthalmology, showed that bitter kola is useful for reducing the pressure in the eye for newly diagnosed patients.


Traditionally, and even before the advent of modern medicine and research, Bitter kola and the leaf has been a very potent medicine or herb for treating every kind of infection or bacteria. But presently according to research, bitter kola nut and the leaf contains bioactive components in the extract, such as tannin and saponins which is anti-bacteria and Virus.


Bitter kola contains large quantity of antioxidants, which is defined as any compound that protects the body from free radicals which includes tobacco smoke, ultraviolet rays and air pollution. Those antioxidants also support the immune system.


Traditionally, the treatment of Maleria has been done with bitter kola before the advent of modern anti-malaria medicines. The abilities of treating Maleria with bitter kola was first seen and emulated from its traditional use. Bitter Kola contains Antioxidant called Kolaviron, which according to research published in the Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Medicine, shows positive result for anti-malaria properties.


For pregnant women or expectant mothers, chewing a bitter kola daily, can help in treating Neusea and vomiting which is normally a habit for most pregnant women. It also lowers blood pressure in pregnancy, Boost the Immune of a pregnant woman, gives strength to pregnant women, helps is stabilizing blood circulation in pregnancy and above all, makes the uterus or the womb healthier for safe delivery.


1. Increases Blood Pressure:

For those with hypertension, bitter kola is not advisable for them because it increases the blood pressure which can lead to a very critical condition.

2. Causes Insomnia:

Insomnia is a sleep disorder comprising of the inability to fall asleep. Insomnia might be the only reason pregnant women should either reduce the intake of bitter kola or stop it because a pregnant woman needs rest more than anything else.

3. Causes Tremors:

Tremor is an involuntary quivering movement.


The best way to take bitter kola is always to chew the nut directly. But some people might prefer to extract the juice while others, because of the bitter nature, prefer mixing the extract with honey, milk or better still, buying drink which contains the flavor of bitter kola.


  1. I lived in Nigeria for a while and saw people chewing on this nut all the time. I tried it once, I couldn’t get past the bitterness though—it was a one-time try for me 🤢Good to know these benefits.

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  2. Wow😊
    Most times, the bitterness is always the reason people don’t get close it.
    But getting to know the wonderful benefits would turn those bitterness to sweetness.

    Thanks for reading 👍❤️

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  3. It was difficult for me to believe at first I could read such a lengthy article. Your style of writing was fascinating. You always deliver amazing content. Great Article Neil. It was fantastic I looked it up, but didn’t leave any comments. But I felt that the article was informative enough to warrant a thanks. I’ll be applying some of these tips soon to my websites.


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