Health benefits of Laughter.

What is always your contribution to an ongoing comedy clip. What could be the sign of your excitement. What is that mood of yours that makes you look like a lunatic. What can that moment of forgetfulness of sorrows be.

What a super wonderful moment!… Unfortunately, it is a priceless gift of Nature to Man.

Laughter doesn’t mean your problems are over. It only empowers you to defeat the impediment of your problems.

As you read through, you will get to know the secret behind this unknown therapy “Laughter”.

Health Benefits Of Laughter:

1. Release of Endorphin:

Endorphin are hormones excreted within the brain and nervous system after exercise in order to reduce pain.

Laughter is also an antidote for triggering the release of Endorphin in order to reduce the body pain. Have you really felt relieved of pains few moments after your daily exercise? Of course that is exactly how you feel after Laughing…

2. Yoga Replacement:

As Yoga help to build the body balance through the release of Endorphin. Laughter which is also a good way to trigger the release of Endorphin, can also replace Yoga or Exercise.

Remember, this is not to discourage you from taking part in Yoga or Exercise.

3. Energy and Relaxation:

Just as eating food gives energy, laughter gives more energy that can even sustain a hungry body. Come to think of that moment when you are busy watching a movie that excites you that you have to forget your meal.

Excitement is the point of rest of mind and relaxing of the body muscles which has been subjected to weakness from stress causing activities.

4. Burn Calories:

A Calorie is an amount of energy that a particular food provides. So, when the body acquires much calories, it results to weight gain. Laughter helps to burn down excess calories in the body, thereby aiding in weight loss. Laugh 15minutes to burn 30 calories.

Laugh more and loose weight.

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5. Boosts Immune System:

Immune system is the body system responsible for fighting germs and unwanted matter in the body.

laughter helps to boost the immune system, by producing more antibodies/T-cells.

Among Other Health Benefits Of Laughter Include:

6. Heart protection.

7. Helps to live longer.

8. Lowers blood pressure..

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Great Post!

    I laugh all the time. If my certain relatives and I didn’t have the sense of humor that we do and the ability to laugh at situations we’d be in serious trouble.

    Laughter, humor, and comedy are so healthy and beneficial to the well-being.

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  2. Another important thing about laughter is the need to learn to laugh at yourself. We can take ourselves so seriously sometimes, and we need to laugh at our silly mistakes or foibles. I remember years ago taking one step backward and ending a couple of feet below because I forgot I was so close to the edge of the platform in church. I didn’t hurt myself, and I laughed about that for months after every time I thought about it. And I didn’t hear the last of it for quite a while. I could hardly get through that mid-week service without bursting out laughing.

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